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Driven by road safety

Our story began in the towns of Nijkerk, Rosmalen and Harmelen. We are currently based in beautiful Harmelen. During the last 17 years, we have grown to become the largest provider of traffic safety education in the Netherlands. We have conducted 200+ successful pilots with both large and small organisations. We have trained 350,000 people at our road circuit and have facilitated more than a million online training modules for drivers. During our quest, we discovered that traditional methods often fail to achieve long-term behavioural change – while accessible online solutions can have a surprisingly positive effect. These insights have led to a completely new, comprehensive approach to behavioural change in the context of road safety. Every bit of knowledge and experience we have gained has gone into shaping the latest generation of e-Driver.

e-Driver - Veilig rijden met minimale CO2-uitstoot.


A new generation of e-Driver

The latest e-Driver programme offers a unique approach to embedding safe and sustainable driving behaviour in the workplace and maintaining positive, lasting effects. The programme helps pinpoint the underlying factors causing risk behaviour, revealing important management information that would otherwise go unnoticed. This information helps prepare for the safety risks you may face today and in the future and allows organisations to focus on prevention.

The CO2 emissions of the e-Driver programme are negligible, and it poses no additional strain on the organisation. The latest generation of e-Driver will also be of interest to companies with international operations, especially large multinationals.


The e-Driver team works closely with behavioural specialists, traffic psychologists, TNO Human Factors, TÜV Rheinland and SWOV. We are tremendously grateful to these professionals and organisations for their support and contribution. e-Driver is GDRP compliant and ISO 27001 certified.


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Collin Bell

Safety and sustainability advisor

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