Module: Activate Safety


Activate Safety ensures employees and team leads work together on safety targets and behavioural guidelines. An online platform supports progress and facilitates dialogue within your organisation, fostering a workplace culture that inspires employees to take ownership of their own safe and sustainable driving behaviour.

Activate Safety

Benefits for organisations:

  • 50% increase in safety collaboration

  • 25% reduction in lost working hours

  • 10-25% reduction in fleet damage

  • Insights into factors that influence risk behaviour

  • Accident prevention through insights into future risks

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Why Activate Safety?

Road safety has become a top priority within many organisations. A challenging subject that often proves a tough nut to crack when put into practice. In truth, the road to long-term improvement requires a dedicated culture in which it is only logical to take ownership of your own driving behaviour. Activate Safety sets the stage for your organisation to shape a safe and responsible workplace culture.

In assessing your organisation’s road safety, it is important to consider two vital questions. What is the quality of communication between team leads and employees? Do your safety targets and behavioural guidelines provide sufficient direction to stimulate ownership among employees? To ensure proper dialogue and clarity, Activate Safety provides an accessible online platform with automatic follow-ups. The module is ideal for organisations of any size. It is scalable, available in various languages and delivers lasting results.

Activate Safety helps you create a workplace culture in which safe and sustainable driving is instinctive

Progress, quality and follow-ups are automatically managed

With Activate Safety, team leads and employees can discuss ways to improve safety together. The online platform facilitates high-quality dialogue based on your organisation’s safety targets and behavioural guidelines. The entire programme is automatically managed. This includes assessing progress and the quality of dialogue and following up on agreements.

Support throughout the organisation

To guarantee consistent, high-quality dialogue, Activate Safety ensures thorough preparation, not least by providing employees with insights into traffic risks and how to create safer situations. Team leads also learn how to best motivate and support employees. As genuine improvement can only be achieved by working together, it is crucial that safety targets are supported by everyone and that safe driving behaviour becomes a priority throughout the entire organisation.


  • A workplace culture where safe and sustainable driving is ingrained
  • Better safety management through collaboration between team leads and employees

  • Various insights into factors influencing risk behaviour

  • Practical application of safety targets and behavioural guidelines

  • Accident prevention through insights into future risks


The inconvenient truth about preventing incidents

This white paper provides unique insights into managing risk behaviour. Compiled from client cases and a must-read for all professionals.


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