e-Driver helps Connexxion reduce claims

‘Every driver uses their head when they work. But drivers perform even better when they also drive from the heart.’ This philosophy has helped Connexxion save around €3 million.

e-Driver - Veilig rijden met minimale CO2-uitstoot.


Connexxion’ s claims have fallen by 20 per cent thanks to e-Driver. ‘It took time’, explains Juul van Hout, operations director at Connexxion. ‘During the first year, we didn’t notice much improvement. It was only in the second year that we observed lower claims to the value of €3 million. This was the moment we first saw a return on investment – and it was certainly memorable.’


Communicatie is key

e-Driver examined various safety issues at Connexxion. It soon became clear that a marked improvement could be made by working on team lead-driver communications (see the Road Safety Check module). Team leads attended training courses to learn how to help their drivers become aware of risk behaviour and modify this where necessary. Safety procedures could then be streamlined (see the Target on Safety module). Drivers followed an online training course to improve their safety skills. The aim was to instil a new work ethic across the entire organisation: driving from the heart.

‘We engage in a conversation with employees on safety and job satisfaction’, explains Van Hout. ‘We then link this to the results obtained from the training programme. This allows us to help employees with any specific areas they may be struggling with and prevent potential accidents. We set aside time for conversations on safety and job satisfaction, which is compulsory (See the Activate Safety module). We also offer a financial incentive to sign up for the voluntary e-Driver training programme: two hours’ extra pay on completion of all modules.’

e-Driver - Veilig rijden met minimale CO2-uitstoot.
e-Driver - Veilig rijden met minimale CO2-uitstoot.


e-Driver and Connexxion: stronger together

Both organisations have benefited from the collaboration. Connexxion has played a vital role in the development of e-Driver’s current Road Safety Check, Target on Safety and Activate Safety modules.

‘The moment we first saw a return on investment – more than a 20% reduction in claims, saving €3 million – was certainly memorable.’

Juul van Hout, Operations Director at Connexxion

e-Driver: a proven approach

By taking part in e-Driver, your organisation will contribute to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Traffic accidents reduced by

(Research by TÜV Rheinland in 2012)


Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions cut by

(Research TÜV Rheinland in 2012)


of all participants would recommend e-Driver to their colleagues

(Research VeiligheidNL in 2018)


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